My Hair is Falling in My Food

When his hair was falling into his food today, he was ready to go for it! Taiver took the first couple buzz strokes

Taiver, Nate, & Mom admitted to Primary Children's Hospital 7.14.18

& laughed as he did it & then laughed even harder shaving Nate’s head too 🤣🧡🤟🏼 then our roommate family, Jewelee & Mahea joined in too 🙌🏼 everyone in our house has a shaved side or the whole head shaved.

Goodbye hair styling and HELLO HATS!

I think I was more scared about this day than anyone, I guess it's just the mom-side getting the best of me because if you can't tell from the pictures & the video, Taiver thought it was kind of great! LOL

I am so lucky to have such a positive little boy. He is so brave even though his life has been turned upside down & it's completely out of his control. We always seem to make the moments when my heart is breaking inside, into something fun & find the bright side, like: "Hey mom, guess you can't make me do my hair anymore because I don't have any!" - Taiver

HAHA That's my boy. That is my big brave perfect boy.

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