"I wish this was a dream" - Taiver

It is the middle of the night/early morning after one of his routine vitals & Taiver turned toward me from our little shared hospital bed & said “mom I wish this all was a dream & we were at home instead” 💔 me too sweetie, me too.

Taiver, Nate, & Mom admitted to Primary Children's Hospital 7.14.18

If I could take it all away I would.

I would trade him places in a heartbeat.

After a pretty emotional night for me & next to no sleep. We are still on track today & Taiver is handling everything very well so we get to go home!

Discharge was about 2 in the afternoon, a big bag of medication for 7 days & we are on our way home.

Finally! (until Monday morning that is)

This week was such a blurry mess & somehow I managed to retain so much information at the same time. Schedules for everything, I’m going to need a planner just for Taiver’s meds & treatments, picc line care, appointments, etc. But for now, we are just excited to take our family home and just be home.

The things that come out of Taiver’s mouth either have me dying from laughter or losing my composure & breaking down. Here are just a few:

🤣 “Nurse, I’ll take a vodka (sorry we don’t have any) {sigh} ok, then I guess I’ll have a beer”
😭 “Mom, I’m gonna be the kid with a tube”
🤣 “I’ll name the monster truck with the horns, Horny”
😭 “I don’t want them to take a piece of my neck, I’m just a tiny kid”
🤣 “Nurse, I just pooped in there, you’re gonna die!”
😭 ”Mom, I wish you had a tube in your arm instead of me” (me too)
🤣 “I can’t even feel this thing squeeze my arm because my muscles are too strong, I just flex”
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