Goodbye PICC line. Hello Port.

Scheduled removal & implant all in one day. Here we go!

Taiver, Nate, & Mom admitted to Primary Children's Hospital 7.14.18

Just kidding! Well, kind of.

We got a hotel & stayed in SLC Sunday night since we were supposed to check in to same-day surgery at 6:30am Monday, then go to clinic for chemo & labs, than back to surgery for the removal of his picc line & placement of his port.

We go there, checked in, everything was on schedule, went to clinic, got his labs & surprise... his ANC counts were too low for anesthesia. We sat around in clinic for several hours & then they removed his picc line & sent us home with a tentative schedule for the following week (assuming counts are up).

The hardest part is watching Taiver get scared (like removing the picc line today, it sounds really scary to un-stitch & pull the tube right out of his arm while he is awake & watching.

8.27.181 Week Later... he finally got his port!

Another early morning & long day. But we made it pretty fun. While waiting for surgery, we played Mario on his Nintendo, play-doh, & lots of weird conversations, but that is normal.

Taiver woke up from surgery (which stresses me out no matter what kind or how long/short it is) very happy & talkative. Got a quick overview of the port care, since they left it accessed just to go home for 8 days. (In case you don't know it is kind of like having the picc line all over again since the needle w/ tube is attached into the port in his chest. Twice daily flushing & dressing change every 5-7 days).

As soon as the released us we had to hurry down to South Jordan for Nate's 2nd round of platelet injections into his spine. He said it was the most painful of them all & was pretty miserable the whole drive home. But the boys both slept most of the way & I was glad, they needed it after today. I sure love my boys!

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