Exhausted Boy

Aches, nausea & low appetite this week are the latest side effects.

Taiver, Nate, & Mom admitted to Primary Children's Hospital 7.14.18

Nate & I (and the grandparents) have been doing everything possible to keep him comfortable & healthy. We are cutting out the sugars & such that feed cancer cells & having a lot of raw nutrients & vitamins.

Eating healthy is good for all of us right?! 😉🥕🥦🍅👌 Taiv has managed to not get any colds, flus or viruses so far 👏🏼!

Taiver has been throwing up stomach acid a few times, mostly after taking one of his liquid medications. This week I was giving him his "pink medicine" while he was standing on Mahea's hover-board & he gagged on it & puked it & the dinner he just ate all back out down the front of me! Thank God for mom (me) having a pretty strong stomach, because it was disgusting! We all know it would have been 10x worse if it was Nate getting puked on. LOL

Thank you again for all of the thoughts & kind messages. It’s been a big adjustment but we’ve got this 💪🏼🧡

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