Diagnosis Day

About 6 weeks ago, Nate noticed a bump on Taiver’s neck just behind his left ear. (& of course it was a weekend) So I took him into the clinic on Tuesday morning to have it looked at; swollen lymph nodes.

Taiver, Nate, & Mom admitted to Primary Children's Hospital 7.14.18

A week of Antibiotics with little to no change (aside from a lymph node swelling up then down under his jaw).

Had a follow up appointment with a blood test that Taiver swore off ever doing again “I am Never coming back here again!” he said to his nurse. Little did he know that was the first of many 💔

Test numbers came back fine, just a little low on iron. 3rd follow up had the first doctor stumped.

4th appointment was with his pediatrician Dr. Twiggs & another 10 day round of antibiotics before he ordered him a scan. . 7.13.18 Taiver went to bed with small swollen neck & woke up with it more than doubled in size.

💉Nate & I took him straight into the InstaCare 👨‍⚕️ 7.14.18 More in depth blood tests, (plus Taiver insisted he wasn’t the only one to take a needle, so Nate took one for the team so they could be tough men together💪🏼) which brought the doctor in in almost a panic sending us to the ER for a ct scan & MORE blood tests 😱

Needless to say, it wasn’t just a swollen lymph node. Blood was down 50% & white cells were very high, and then they said it.


So here we are at Primary Children’s Hospital, 4th floor, sharing a hospital bed.

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