Back to Primary's after 12 hours @ home

We came home to a sparkling clean house & an awesome welcome sign with balloons from our family! (Brad, Gavin, Ashton, Jewelee, & Mahea)

Taiver, Nate, & Mom admitted to Primary Children's Hospital 7.14.18

They even had a bag of Taiver's craving request that day, salt & vinegar chips! I made a bed out for Taiver in my room that night just so I could keep a close eye on him on our first night out of the hospital. We all slept great in our own home again.

Taiver woke up with a fever of 102.5

We gave him his prescribed medicine & headed into the E.R. as directed by our amazing staff from Primary Children's Hospital (PCH).

They did a CBC his platelets were low & his ANC (neutrophils) were at ZERO.

Kimi (a friend of Nate & I's) was on staff & made sure we had coffee & phone chargers, even a sandwich while we hung out in the ER most of the day. We also had Nate's amazing boss', Alan & Tyson Feller, stop by to give Taiver a healing blessing.

They monitored him & kept in contact with our primary care doctor from PCH all morning & finally discharged us & sent us on our way back up to SLC around 3pm.

*Side note: Taiver still laughs about how they had to have him pee in a cup to test his urine while & he made Nate hold the small pee cup for him which he nearly overfilled onto Nate's lap! LOL But luckily he stopped peeing right at the rim of the cup!

We stopped by the house to throw a bag together & gave Taiver an early birthday present for the trip. His Nintendo 2DS.

It definitely help keep him entertained & his mind off being stuck in a hospital or a car for long hours.

Here we go again!

We were admitted back into PCH tonight, got more blood transfusions & made ourselves comfortable again for who knows how long.

I am so grateful Nate's company let him take the whole week off of work so I didn't have to do this alone. He has been my rock thru this roller-coaster of a week so far.

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