Taiver is all boy! Or should I say "all man". He loves to be outside digging in the dirt with his miniX, track-ho, loaders, dump trucks, etc. (He could tell you the name of every kind of dirt/excavation machine). Taiver will take any chance he can get to go "work with Nate" & drive the real ones.

(see video below)

Taiver lives in Hurricane, Utah with his mom (Jaymie/me), step-dad (Nate), & roommate-friends Jewelee & Mahea.

We are constantly going out hiking, rappelling, to the skate park, swimming at the lake, Zion, camping, just about anything we can do outside! Most all of his hobbies have been interrupted by his recent treatment & low blood counts from the leukemia & effects of chemotherapy.

We currently try to stay as active & have as much fun as possible, but on the extra cautious side.

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